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Reliable Lake Mary Tax Preparation

top view of business team working togetherIt can be tricky for business owners and individuals to decipher their tax obligations when the tax season arrives. Whether you want your return checked for errors or need some help getting your financial documents organized, our Lake Mary CPA can help. We established our business in 1995 to provide our community members with high-quality tax assistance that they can rely on.

You're an essential part of our shared community, and our team is invested in your continued success. We use the most advanced accounting systems to protect your money and provide you with relevant insights into your finances. Our team puts a personal touch into our approach and addresses your needs quickly and carefully. Get in touch with Joaquin Torres CPA, PA today regarding your free initial consultation!

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How Does Efficient Tax Preparation Help Me?

Our primary goal is to save as much of your hard-earned money as possible when it comes to Lake Mary tax preparation. We break down your local, state, and federal tax requirements so that you know exactly where you stand for the quarter or year.

Our CPA firm helps you take advantage of eligible deductions and seeks to minimize tax liabilities. Even if we can't implement every tax-saving strategy this season, we'll give you solid advice on how you can save money next time you file. We carefully check your return for accuracy and make sure you meet IRS deadlines. By ensuring your return is accurate and filed on time, we help you avoid costly penalties and fines.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Tax Preparation

accountants going over financial documentsYou can rely on our experts to provide you with significant tax assistance through the calendar year. We are readily available to answer questions, provide logistical support, and give you the resources you require to confidently file your return.

We begin by helping you arrange your financial documents. Our experts will provide you with organizers that detail which records and forms you'll need to collect for us to accurately assess your tax requirements. We can complete and file your return on your behalf or review your already-completed form for accuracy. When we go through your return, we carefully check your figures for errors and make sure the numbers make sense. By detecting and fixing mistakes in your financial records, we keep you from under- or overpaying taxes.

We understand just how much time and effort you've put into earning your money and want to help you keep as much of it as possible with our Lake Mary tax services. Our accountant can explain how tax strategies such as retirement plans, business deductibles, and charitable giving can change your tax obligations.

Is it Worthwhile to Have a CPA Handle My Individual Taxes?

There are many situations where you might find it useful to have a tax specialist work on your individual taxes. Our experts can help you understand how the financial decisions you make throughout the year can substantially impact the amount of money you'll owe during the tax season. We can analyze the financial implications of:

Four Key Tax Preparation Tips for Business Owners

We want you to enter the tax season feeling prepared, confident, and ready to succeed. Our Lake Mary CPA firm compiled this list of tax tips for your benefit.

  1. Take advantage of a modern accounting system: Technological advances have made accounting software more accessible and beneficial to business owners than ever before. Using accounting software such as QuickBooks® allows you to manage online transactions, organize receipts, and track product inventory in real time.
  2. Never combine personal and business expenditures or accounts: Keeping your personal and business accounts separate allows you to manage your finances efficiently and keeps the IRS away from your personal account. We recommend having a bank account and credit card that you use solely for your business.
  3. Choose your business entity carefully: Your company's structure and entity selection directly influence how much you owe in taxes.
  4. Have your return reviewed by a CPA: We've assisted business owners like yourself with their tax returns since 1995. By taking advantage of our years of experience and attention to detail, you protect your money and save valuable time.

Trustworthy Lake Mary Tax Preparation

Whether you're looking for help analyzing the tax implications of a major purchase or want an expert to look over your business's tax return, we have the skillset to support you. You can count on our team to look out for your financial well-being and search for ways to save you money and organize your accounts. Contact Joaquin Torres CPA, PA today so we can begin providing you with the tools you need to negotiate the tax season!

Call Us: (407) 878-1040 Book a Consultation

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